Burmese Teak Yacht and Boat Decking

We produce any size but carry random length standard sizes of clear decking in widths, 35mm, 40mm, 45-47mm & 70mm in both 9 & 12mm thick.

If you are after really super high quality we encourage you to stay within our standard product ranges up to 47mm wide including rebate by 9mm or 12mm thick.

Optional rebates are available at 4 or 5mm wide x up to 7.5mm deep as standard, your choice.  Our machines all use German made 100% Tungsten Carbide tipped cutters so the finish is really good.  On the rebate side of our moulder we use 20t cutters for an even finer finish.

Our decking is graded to highest standard and generally all defects such as Birds eyes, serious runout and unsightly black pockets have been docked.  Typically the only reason further docking should be required is for final trimming to the fitted length.

For Long Side Decks we have the Best Teak in the land and produce really high quality random long length decking packs which generally (depending on customers requirement) range in length anywhere from 2-3mtrs up to a huge 6 or more metres in length and an average for example of say 5mtrs or more. 

We can provide fixed length long packs, however they can, due to losses become quite expensive and wasteful.  Please enquire.

We pride ourselves with quality and encourage all customers, when ordering decking to give us detailed cutting lists to also include any shorter lengths required.  As a natural part of our quality control process we do produce extremely high quality shorter length decking sections ranging from 2-3 metres down to as little as 300-350mm long. 

It is such a criminal shame and wasteful to see long clear lengths being chopped up for shorts when we have heaps of the same or better, already cut to near size.

This pack is an example of a typical Global Teak decking pack. Straight grain end to end, no defects & up to 6 metres or more in length.

Burmese Teak Decking

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Some of our fine decking as laid by Buizen Yachts Sydney, Australia.